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Quality building with unique atmosphere

Reconstruction of the house and the common areas

The “Palackého 17-19” house is a historical building which has been thoroughly reconstructed. The new façade gives the house an impressive new look, while insulation and double-glazed windows will save you money on your energy bills. Reconstruction includes new utility lines for water, electricity, gas and sewerage. The heating of the flats will be provided by new wall radiators. The roofing material will be restored and the roof frame will also be reconstructed.

The yard will have a private car park secured by a chip-controlled gate with 12 parking places which can be purchased or leased by residents. The parking lot, common areas and cellars are monitored by a camera system to increase security. Building entrances (from the street and the yard) are secured with an electronic lock.

Accessible price, quality building

Possibility to connect flat and office units

The “Palackého 17-19” house offers up to 24 flats, some of which can be used as offices, 2 large loft spaces, commercial spaces on the ground floor and 12 parking spots reserved for residents. The residential units will be being sold fully reconstructed.

If the size of the flat is not adequate for your needs, there is also the possibility to connect units to create, for example, a fitness room, a study, a library or just more space for your children. The layout of the flat may be changed according to your wishes, taking the construction system of the building into consideration.

Our architects have already drawn new layout solutions meeting all modern requirements.

Naturally, the offices can also be connected. Thus, the offices can feature the cellular layout popular with lawyers and brokers, or a smaller, modern open-plan layout valued by architects, design and other companies preferring a team-work atmosphere.


Basic description of building reconstruction

building reconstruction


  • Reconstruction of the façade
  • Replacement of the tinsmith elements
  • Repair of entrance doors, double-glazed windows and electronic/mechanical door lock
  • Installation of post boxes
  • Reconstruction of floors in the corridors and staircase, ceramic floor, terrazzo tile
  • Plastering of walls and ceilings, or white paint
  • Lighting in the lobbies, halls and staircase controlled with a motion detector
  • Renovated steel banisters
  • Two completely new lifts
  • New utility lines (water, gas, electricity, waste pipes, connections)


  • Floor - concrete screed
  • New electricity wiring and lighting
  • White wall paint
  • Masonry or perforated sheet metal partitions
  • Flush veneer or metal doors


  • Ceiling height - 3.2 m
  • Specification of standards will be presented before launch of sales in September 2015


  • Renovation of roof frame
  • Renovation of roof covering
  • Clearing out and cleaning of the attic space
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